Saturday, April 29, 2017


In Spring..I like to bring in the "Entrée des Artistes" floor mat .. and replace it w/ colors that go better with the wicker porch seat's a fountain of youth for the porch after a brisk winter..COLOR.

Angels Gather Here was a gift/birdfeeder when when moved here 16 yrs's beside the door and has not even weathered.

Little did I know that day that darling little angels would gather here:)

An old hydrangea wreath..there's a little picture frame in it w/ words about Nana's House..

It was so sunny..not complaining..  but I had my exposure set to + 1 something..never looked..anyway..everything was soo bright it didn't show up..birdhouses..wicker..and hello.. all things that make me like our front door.

I LOVE old wood doors..OLD  metal doors..OLD anything..but married to a guy who loves new;)

I made my first cake with our eggs..Marie had posted a lovely vanilla vanilla vanilla cake:)

She is an and my chickens;)

No doubt you recognize..Carol's work..I am so in love w/ this's getting framed too..if I can find the right size..etc..
right now it is in my recipe  book acrylic holder..replacing Mimi Thorisson for the moment..she won't care;)

You know..I was always careful here with what I hung up..all my curtains are on spring rods..well the few that I have..many things are hung w/ 3 M hanger thingies..

What am I saving the walls for?Who am I saving the walls for?

Stopping this nonsense.
right now.

This time of year..
I could literally post a post a day..

Life is born..

and I get excited and sleep worse than usual..

worth every sleepless moment..

I search our gardens and borrowed landscape..for bouquets:)

I never ever pick shouldn't..

but I love looking at them..and talking their photo.

2 ducks spent today here and at my neighbors..Jacques ..said :"you are getting a few too many pets"~LOL

So ...I am reading a troubling book..One Hour In Paris..

that could very well hour,anywhere on earth.

In fact at 18..I wanted to backpack in Europe after college  before 

University..and my mom was sad about it..

so I stayed and went to University..and she died that same first semester at McGill..

I left after that..not for Europe..but I left University..

and the rest is history..

The subject of of such importance to me.

I truly believe..that this can happen under many circumstances..

and I truly believe it changes a person  for life..

rape victims..  veterans..abused children..adults..either physically or mentally..

in so many more ways than we can describe..

If someone is brought to the point of physical pain that has no description..and that does not end..

I believe this causes PTSD.

Same for verbal abuse etc..

If you have a chance read the book..

so many poor people live w/ this..

and the people that cause it..get away scot free..

As in Amazing Grace that I just read..again..PTSD..because of one maniac..very good book by the way~

sadly..these things happen more than we know..

I just watched 13..  on Netflix..I cried the first episode..and then the drama..caught me off guard..same thing..not to be confused with 13 reasons why..which I have not watched.

And it happens repeatedly..

we need pacifists..kind people..caring take away the bad.

This is the time of year..where I just have too much to say;)


  1. OH! Everything is just beautiful, Monique! Of course, the my favorites are the chickens: Mr. Rooster eyeing the strawberries:) And I will try that cake, with my tiny little oven that sets off the detector....I thought the duck was a fake , beautifully colored and perfect. Life can be very, very sad and distressing, but I always reach for Pema Chodron's book (she's resident teacher at Gampo Abbey, Cape Breton) The Places That Scare You. Comfortably readable and thoughtful - and sometimes funny when she laughs at herself. Thank you once again for your beautiful pictures!

    1. I will search that book out;)I will.

      Amazing Grace.. Maritimes:)

      The ducks amazed us today..hung around all day!♥

      I let the girls out..both at the same time..I am getting brave:)

      The trilliums take my breath away in the quiet of the brush..I dare not even step too close~

    2. I forgot to say she's American - forgot where she's from, but funny and firm, and gentle, and thoughtful. Your trilliums are a delight to see!

    3. My pleasure - I know what it's like to worry, my dear. This poor but beautiful world( and life) can get to you. Big hug:)

    4. I emailed my buddha friend Nancy ..I call her that because she is perfectly Zen..and introduced me to Sounds True..Thich Nhat Hanh..Eckhart Tolle..etc..she knew of her of course and in one email basically mentioned everything about her..started the Meditation audiobook last night.not a good meditator I..not one bit..:) I love learning new things Katrina..thanks again.

  2. all look absolutely beautiful.I understand why you love spring.
    we born again.
    I love autumn maybe cause Im more melancolic I love fall ...
    hugs and love for you monique !

    1. I love fall for the same reason as you..😌Thank you!

  3. Such beautiful photos. So glad that you are experiencing some great warm weather. We had almost 90 here to day. To hot to soon. I sure hope we don't have a summer like last year.
    Your cake looks delicious.

    Have a great week,


    1. Oh I remember your last summer!Hope this one is better!You too Mary have a great week!

  4. I do love Spring too. At this time of the year I feel I have too much subjects to speak about, as well.
    Great post.

    1. And too many photos to take and plants to nurture is a very work rewarding time!

  5. Spring is so full of surprises. It has been in the 80's here for nearly a month. We were to go and spend the weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico with friends. Had to cancel due to weather. Over one foot of snow at the end of April! It was chilly here as well, just five hours south. I have apples and peaches on the trees, grapes on the vine, pomegranate blossoms, roses and bougainvillea all in full bloom, so was a little worried. Your home looks wonderful! Chickens, ducks, flowers and art!
    I always worry and try to safeguard my family from harm. I am a "Helicopter" Mom/Nana - always hovering about. Worry, worry, worry. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time - and your life can be changed forever. My husband frets over me and I him. And here we are in the US with Saber rattling Trump. Stressful to say the least. PTSD is a very big problem in this country.
    On a lighter note - that cake looks divine!

    1. I know..I realized I burdened my post with many consecutive readings that encompassed such acts of violence :(All regarding women..but we all know PTSD can be in anyones future..wars ..just to name one..

      we are living in troubling times and I love that word..s..helicopter mom/ hand is up:)

      I dream of pomegranates and bougainvillea.. wisteria..all 3 will never happen here..except for bougainvillea which must come in..and then shed it's leaves and look like a mass of twigs and thorns..:(
      The weather has been off everywhere it seems..
      Happy Sunday nana!

  6. Spring is the time of rebirth. So much to appreciate. Beautiful images. Is "home" painted on your front door? I love it. I share a love of OLD married to a man who loves NEW. ;) Sending hugs and prayers for peace your way. blessings ~ tanna

    1. a vinyl decal:) Takes 30 seconds to put on..if you wish I can send you the link to where I purchased it at a very reasonable cost:)I bet they could do home too:)
      It is a time of rebirth..thinkig of you n=and the coming week...

      we married the same guy!:)

  7. I love so much here, Monique. Your spring and all it means to you. Carol's art (I have some framed too!), eggs and baking and gorgeous photos. I really appreciate your insight on PTSD. You are so right -- it is more than just something with war veterans, although they get the most stress. All the things you mentioned are spot on. Many of us have dealt with it in one way or another and many survive and thrive. But so many don't. Or struggle. So thanks for sharing that.

    Big hugs on this spring Sunday! May is tomorrow!

    1. I know we love the same things:)

      I think the medical profession must take great care in how they treat ..diagnose and follow up with patients.
      I believe they can be the cause of PTSD also.

      You have to have...a great deal of TLC on top of knowledge.

      In anything really..IMHO..

      so fun to "Know" arists that we admire ..this internet opened up a whole wide world of interests.:) Bon Dimanche!

  8. Love your beautiful hen!
    And that gorgeous cake! To die for.
    Then the surprise of seeing my watercolor vegetables!
    Your posts always amaze Monique
    Mille Merci xxxx

    1. Your watercolor veggies are AMAZING.Simple as that;)

  9. It all looks beautiful. So, may I not be able to come in? ;)

  10. Hi Monique...
    Lovely images and thoughts...
    Your Chicken looks very regal!! how many eggs do you expect to get???
    Still waiting for some warmer temps here...
    Linda :o)

    1. I get 2 eggs every morning♥ the girls and the eggs:)

  11. I always like reading what you have to say...The contrast to your door and bird feeder and angel messages and your little angels, and your blog and the beauty you plant, contrasted with the cruelty and troubles of the world...Thanks for writing about PTSD...It is so very real, and so very widespread...more and more for victims of war and violence...
    I realized when I read your post, that I too seem to be coming more alive because it is Spring! (cold today, but trees are starting to blossom...) Merci, R.

    1. I must say the last few books and shows..have been rough.. makes me realize..that life is not perfect's not here's not there.

      I think PTSD can happen w/ far less..but what is written about it..depending on predispositions as the author of One Hour In Paris explains..

      so interesting..I cannot help myself but to write about my feelings:)

      It's raining and COLD today!

      Chickens don't goes on..I am learning from them:)

  12. PS I liked reading through the comments and the mention of those healing books, many seem to be linked to Buddhism...

    1. She is a tougher Buddha:)..Not about Hope really...more about..get with the program..I realized this shortly into the Meditation audiobook..

      not a bad thing..a different outlook..
      I like seeing ..hearing..different views..ideas..:)

  13. Love your post...have a Nice week love Ria x ❤️

  14. Just keep posting and writing and we'll keep stopping by for a visit! Love all your beautiful photos - you have an amazing perspective on everything. Love your chicken and that you made a cake with your eggs - it's lovely! Have a terrific week and enjoy your first day of May!

    1. So true..!! Le 1er mai demain..

      traditionally in France ..May first is Lily Of the Valley day..ours bloom later:(

      But mom's fave month w/ October..thank you for that reminder!♥

  15. A great post as always, Monique. So much to read, so much to nod my head over...

    I'm awestruck that you find it hard to sleep with all you have on your mind to do. I guess it's the virus I have, but I crave the sleep and then feel guilty that so many good things are passing me by. I want to get back to my photography and toss the damn cell phone. I want to wander around my garden, redd books in the shade, eat raspberries and whipped cream for dinner, make vanilla cake. Not enough hours in a day is so true...

    Your posts make me smile and give me encouragement. So glad we met.

    Jane x

    1. I am so glad we met too.. because you encouarge me's a two way street !
      Toss the damn cell phone..LOL..

      In my next life I am ging to say damn..more..and a few other choice words..MORE:)

      Too much restraint here:)

      Have a nice day..pouring here..I'll put my wellies on soon and gather me eggs;)

  16. i love the wreath on your front door and your blue birdhouse, love love...and that watercolor i want to see more about her, did she do the painting of you? I'm going to see what i can find on her...So glad spring is finally arriving for you :)

    1. Yes she did that painting of me and I think you would love her blog..lots of Paris..really as if you were there but not ;)
      ...and in her blog so many of her soon as I found her I didn't stop looking:)

  17. i just went to look for info on carol and didn't realize she's the one who does the paris letters, shes so talented, love her style

    1. Oh I do too:)
      And you are talented too:)

    2. You also have the soul and the heart if an artist.
      I know..I lived with one for 19 mom:)

  18. Oh my goodness, so many things to think about in this post! Some fun, some food, some not so pleasant. I'll start with the fun and food :) Love your beautiful front door, Welcome Indeed! I've love to know how your round up the chickens when they are out in the yard like that - LOL. I went to Marie's and pinned that luscious Triple Vanilla Cake! Love yours made with your own chicken eggs :) We sometimes have ducks fly into our pool in early spring :) Love Carol's beautiful painting. Perfect for hanging in your kitchen! We have trillium too - love them and also never pick. It's so true about PTSD. I think more people are affected that we know. Even you, with the loss of your mother. Wishing you long and sweet dreams tonight ♥ It is a special and my most favorite time of year. Much to be excited about :)

    1. Although I love October..that month in Autumn..♥

      this is the month that DOES keep me awake with ideas ..and is an exciting month where our brains work a good way;)

      You know what I think you are mom..♥

      I had thought of something else..

      but you are right.

      all these Lttles came along you ..and lit a firecracker under..that hole in my heart;)

      I made Maries' mini sponge cakes today and they are cute as buttons..because my eggs..were not huge at the beginning..I could have the recipe and use two mini eggs;)
      I sound like Cadbury lol..

      Into each life some rain must fall..

      April was atrocious and May is coming in maudlin..rain rain rain..

      Oh well..the earth needs it:)
      You too..the sweetest of dreams!


    2. I love that you can go into your back yard and get eggs for cakes! Talk about fresh :) We are having the same weather - so much rain here in the past two weeks. Everything is lush and green.

  19. Loved this can ramble on all you like, I read it all and get it.
    Your front door is so welcoming!
    I understand about PTSD, but really don't want to read another book about it. We all have so much to deal with, it's frightening.
    Aside from two doctor appts, this is a happy week....Luncheons and derby parties! Thank heaven the summer heat is not yet upon us.

    1. I can't beleieve I read 2 books in a row w/ sequels of PTSD and watched 13!
      Last night I watched Bridget Jone's Baby..Renee looks nothing like she used to..
      Plastic surgery is so IN..
      Still love Colin Firth;)

      Hope the Drs Appts are routine:)

      Never ever fun though..
      Some Drs have a really nice bedside manner that is not forced..just natural..others should get classes before becoming doctors.
      And like driving..some drs need refresher courses..
      I had to for real
      Have a great day Barbara!

  20. I keep meaning to say that I love this font you use, in the header and on your photos. It is just gorgeous! Love all that you have posted. (No surprise there, I always do!) Love your "visitors," lol, Jacques makes me laugh. Love the painting. What a talent. It reminds me of SB's latest post on "White spaces." I need to get back painting. I can't seem to get motivated and find the time. My days keep escaping me. I know everything there is to know about PTSD except how to deal with it. My ex's experience in Bosnia and what he went through there destroyed our marriage, but having said that I still cringe and feel the pain of the emotional and verbal abuse he put me through for 22 years. My faith has rescued me to a degree, but I don't think you ever really escape it totally. I wish . . . Love that you made my yogurt loaf and enjoyed it. I really, really feel good when you make one of my recipes and you enjoy it. It makes my day! Hope you are having a great week! Love and hugs, xoxo PS - we hope to catch up with 13 now that our guests have gone!

    1. have hardly had time to catch your breat w/ Todd..the book ..lovely guests wonder you've not sat and painted mean you couldn't squeeze that in while Lura and John were there? LOL out louder.
      Verbal abuse IS something that causes PTSD..that's what people need to know..anything past the realm of of harm..any way shape or form.
      Your faith is like IRON:)
      Bravo .
      I love making your things because I know they will work..I know J likes them..and I usually have all on hand:) A million thanks for teaching me how all these years:)

  21. What a lovely front door, so warm and welcoming. I can see why you love old doors. The sweetest little animals.Years ago, I raised chickens. I often think about a chicken coop. My dad is doing better. Resting at home. I find myself there every few days, helping them out. My mom is a busy little bee. Love the weather.

    1. What a blessing you are to your family:):):)
      Everything is coming up lavender and lovely:)

  22. Love your post. You always have something beautiful to share. I love chicken photos - reminds me of going to Grand's house. She let us gather eggs if we were quiet so not to scare the chickens. Funny how something so simple brings back good memories.

    1. And I love when that happens..I hope you are well:)

  23. This is a lovely way to welcome people into your home, Monique. This spring is just full of good energies. You've inspired me to bake a cake as well.

    1. Spring is always a nice time to clean up my front porch act:)Thank you Amalia:)

  24. Monique, You are such a lovely tenderhearted woman. Thank you for sharing with me. With us xoxo

  25. Hi Monique, so funny that my husband likes everything new and I love things old and with character. Oh well.........I do think that many things that are too tough for us can bring on PTSD, wish people were more sympathetic. Lovely post........

  26. It is great that there are kind people in the world like you brighten many lives. xo

  27. Spring was always my favorite season when we lived in New England. I loved seeing the rebirth of everything after the harsh winters. Loved your photos.

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