Thursday, May 25, 2017

I am on overdrive~

You know..from the time the crabapples came to's really been  less than 2 weeks?

10 days?

It seems like soooo long ago because everything happens at once here now..

I have seen the lilacs come..and almost go..the LOTV almost come and go..

Why so fast?  Relax..take your time these blooms of mine..

I am finding that I have a revived thrive:)  If that is a word for our gardens..

do I see the end coming sooner than later for me because of our ages?


I don't know.

But I am primping more..than the last 6 yrs.

I have always loved making small bouquets..this yr is no exception..~

With each early bouquet..even if I do not remember my mom as a's her everywhere I look♥

Have I told you that I love my chickens?
My 2 girls?
Bécassine and Caramelle?
They follow me in the gardens and I LOVE that..
I pick them up..they hunker down as Alain said so well..and I bring them back in their pretty coop..
And one day I just CALLED them in..

but today?

Oh lala..they meandered into a bed and DUG..I do like that action of theirs..but not when they dig DAHLIA tubers..oh no girls..!!
They got picked up and brought in for time outs LOL:)

I have an easy cake recipe for you at the end..that uses the same weight in EGGS..don't tell the girls  ;)as the other ings..

good! and plain and simple and fun to dress up w/ home made rhubarb jam etc.. you see the yarn? And the hooks?
Susan and Linda.. and Diane at the beach..and Mary Pat at the beach..they make these FANTASTIC dishcloths..

I have to..
So you see the stuff?
Now what lol..

And the shoes..

my fake Toms..

I went to Michaels twice this week..

NOT a good idea;)

On one visit..I spotted $7.00 white canvas shoes..and I had a coupon..

I cannot leave anything alone;)

Now for some reason I want more blank shoes.:)

And for the recipe..of the cake..:)

It is so easy..all ings are weighed..according to the weight of the eggs!

Weigh the eggs..4

add the same amount of sugar and butter that has been melted and cooled..and flour and the sachet of 11 g of LEVURE CHIMIQUE..which he says is facultatif..optional.

I had such envelopes..from here..

it means baking powder..and I wonder..

look here...

anyway it worked here..

So what do  my expert bakers think?

OMG Max turns ten in the next  imminent time..

How on earth did that happen?

Have a great weekend..

Rain in the forecast here..

P.S.  Did you watch the Finale of CTM?

My next shoes will be macarons;)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Adrenaline overload~May~LOOONG.

Years and years ago..more precisely... here ...I mentioned a childhood friend of mine..I have mentioned her a couple of times..

I have not seen her in over 52 yrs (to our et Jacques..) and have not kept in touch..I was 10-11..

Out of the blue I received an email from the Netherlands  a few weeks ago..from a "Gwen"...
..her husband had read  a blog..  mentioning a Dutch childhood friend etc..and he wondered if it was me..and it was:)

so all these yrs later..we have exchanged a few emails and have caught up on things..

How about that?
My husband was astounded:)
Finds it cute cute cute:)
me too:)

My favorite place is back in action..OUR BROCANTE..

I had a specific thing in mind..knowing it is early and we have had a ROTTEN May..  I had to think of regulars..
this earlier Spring..  the spoon ring I have worn for over 45 yrs..snapped in two..worn to the baby spoon:( I never take my rings off..I do everything w/ them..when's not me..  for yrs and yrs we have  had a the brocante and I have always admired everything..but my first the spoon ring..and I had one..
I knew that that was my mission saturday.
Boom..Sat. morning..LAST..Sat morning..a spoon ring was back on my right ring finger♥ 

So many things to admire at our brocante..

even though flooding was happening across the street ..water areas..this place was glowing..w/ sun and happy vendors..

I caught the eye..of the mink /vintage seller..

I asked her if I could take a pic..I told her if she said no I would understand because I hate having my pic taken.. Love what my small directional arrow in my watercolor says..:

Le jardinage est une méditation   à ciel ouvert~
Gardening is open air meditation~

it continues as follows....

un secret révélé  à qui le mérite~
a secret disclosed to one deserving of it~
~Ghyslaine Schoeller

This week..Jacques and I had Littles duty..Caroline and Frédérick were on a cruise..10 days..

we got Sunday aft until Friday aft..

Some of the LOOP friends dropped by while we were there..

Katie..the only girl..brought her Instax over one day..and I succumbed.
I am certain her CHARM had a lot to do with it..:)

we have a short getaway in mind..and I thought that I would like to add a few Polaroids to my journal..

I loved my Polaroid in the 70's..see our eldest above on a swing set Jacques built her♥

The week was dotted w/ muffins and cookies and fruits and busy..

and our first dinners outside..

and my gardening outside..the fairies are happy..

the weather has been Wizard of Oz ish..w/ winds to blow a home away and witches appearing..w/ yellow brick roads..and Toto..:)

I have lots of Little pics..but lots of the Littles are not mine so I won't post..

home now..

brocante tomorrow..

it has already been 1 week..

My special treat..just for me the mail..

was Carol's ..MY Paris Mail~
Floral Paris Boutiques..

is that my cup of tea or what?

A beautiful Thé Marie-Antoinette  business card ..and a few others..were in the special Air Mail♥

I am not sleeping..thinking about the gardens and planting..and waterings and STUPD tomato plants I NURTURED..are dying because their STUPID over nurturing care giver burned their roots w/ Monty's Joy Juice..SOB..

That's another story~

Have a great week,!!

Oh..and a dear friend/enabler..received a Sennelier order for me and then sent it to me♥

The first thing I did was a color code card w/ examples:)

Thank you dear enabler♥~

Thursday, May 11, 2017

This and That~

Most of you know I love  the Sketchbook Wandering Blog and it's author..the wonderfully creative  Rita..
She recently made some mini   watercolor books and I followed her lead..I have made 2 and while they can't compare to Rita's I am getting the hang of the ones made with glue..I glued my fabric and my cardboard..
A few years ago I made some journals for watercolors but I wasn't excited about them after all..these I am..after all..:) what cute gifts for friends too:) 

Thank you thank you Rita for the inspiration..that post just called my name right away.

We are babysitiing 3 of the littles in the upcoming week....I baked these muffins and they are good..

Good enough to be in the keeper binders..
honestly I have drawers..full of keeper binders.

You can find the excellent recipe here..they really are that good..made them for the babysitting week.. but...

.. Jacques and I shared one w/ coffee to taste test:)  I did make a small difference in the topping..I added more flour no oats..wasn't sure about the oats w/ the boys..sometimes one weetinylittledifferentthing is enough for them  to thank you nana:)

I had a little pre-mother's day weekend w/ my girls in Plattsburgh NY..Cross-border excied I found a bean bag chair for Lucas' upcoming graduation..a chair to sit comfy and read in his should have seen the car;)

We ate at The Brewery and enjoyed our meal.. an app..a huge plate of home made pasta and then we shared the adult sized skillet of the cookie skillet was huge..all 3 of us ate some..and yes Miss I Don't Eat Sweets indulged.
When I came home I knew I wanted o recreate for the boys..smaller scale..and there you have it..Skillet Cookie for 2..(actually 4)..courtsey of My Evil Twin's Kitchen..thanks again Sonia!

Those spinners are the rage here.

My seedlings are so ready to go out..but the weather is actually frightful this May..the flooding has continued..the weather grey drizzly and chilly..apparently a lot of rain coming Sunday and Monday:(
My calendulas..some have buds and my tomato plants..most look like Pippi Longstocking.All leg.

Been in an Italian mode for eating these cold usual..a new pizza though from this book..   Dennis The Prescott..available everywhere!He's an IGmer I follow..gorgeous gorgeous pics..happy for his success as a cookbook author.It was really good♥
There has been a lighter meal in between the pastas..I assure you.

That dear Marie..the cookbook author.. :)/artist../mom/nana/spouse/sister..etc..  she inspired me also w/ her darling mini Victoria Sponge cakes..

I am a all know that..

thank you to everyone I learn from..♥

Thanks to my girls who are great ..loving moms..
Thanks to my mom♥for just about everything everything.

And Thank You  LINDA!

Isn't it funny and nice and lovely when you find a love?
I love recipes..and art and photography and family.. and gardens .. and ..well.. day to day life..
..with anecdotes and stories..and PICTURES..I love words too:)
and sometimes Littles mixed into the recipe..

Linda..hit a her gardens and girls..(real life..not chickens)  and Miss Vivian..and Florida..and food..etc..
Look how beautiful and precise..♥There is another one hiding underneath:) She will make a future appearance.

Actually almost edible:)♥

My friend Susan is so agile in stitching too:)

what is wrong w/ my mind and fingers?..I AM GOING TO LEARN TO MAKE THESE.One day:)

Have a peek and see how all this happened....sweet really:)

Have a lovely weekend..and to all Mamas..Happy Mother's Day~

Friday, May 5, 2017

40 days and 40 nights?

I'll start with the cake..
I made this..and it's just ok...maybe because mine took so much longer to much so that we left and I left the cake in the turned off I am not blaming the beautiful blog or recipe..some days are bloopers.

I don't know about your part of the world..but April was pretty awful here weather wise..and May is the wettest I can remember..apparently the last time flood waters were so high here..was 1974.

Max was here for a visit yesterday..and I said..":Do you feel like going to the park and I'll take pictures of you?"..~"Sure"..but with that sure I want to be nice to you nana sure..

Hmm..lightbulb moment.."How about I pack up one of my fave cameras..extra batteries..for you..and I do the same for me and we BOTH go out taking pics..?"
~"Sure"..a much better sure but not SURE!:)

So we packed up our camreas and set off for the park..Firetruck and road block and a darling fireman in those plastic fishing we could not drive down the road and a truck was there with sandbags..I motioned to the fireman..and he said no..

well he meant the I asked Max if I should go ask him if we could walk down..oh the look of slight

so we left and went to another park..and I told him..a swing can be a great pic..a sign..a child piggy back on her dad..he really got into it..we wentured down ..and upon us was the yacht club:(
We met someone I knew yrs ago..I introduced Max to Greg..and told him we were out shooting ..he said you will have lots to shoot down there..well Max and I and our trusty cameras..didn't stop..

a house next to the yacht club..the basement is flooded and we are expecting 10 more days of rain..
Max saw first hand how water can devastate everything..

I loved my time alone with Max..I don't think either of us will forget yesterday..he is young a lot will blend into his background at one point..but my background is yesterday for now..

Coming home..he said.."this turned out to be a lot more interesting than I expected Nana"~

You can see his handiwork above..I told him his pics were so good he needed a copyright.
I am having a series of ap 30 of his photos printed for him to keep..they won't be ready fast enough for us LOL:)

For me too the experience was wonderful....the quiet joy of doing something I love with someone I adore..and sharing..a powerful event.
People are gearing for the worst..certain parts of our principal road by the water..are almost  at the water..adjoining towns on the water..flooded streets like our yach club and homes..
I did tell Max to always find interest in even the simplest of things..objects..because going out shooting is not always like this..

I've always wanted my blog to be about Flowers and food and gardening ,photography and family..
unfortunately this falls into sad photography:(
I sure hope it's NOT 40 days and 40 nights.

Ending on a higher sharper note;)

See that gadget..up there,w/ the knife?
I've had it for over 2 yrs..a Winner's purchase..
I hate dull knives..

the moment I sharpened my first knife w/ this..I thought..:"WOW"..

And now Canadian Living says the same thing.
Worth Every Penny.
It even sharpens those Tomodachi Cheapo Costco knives.

Have a nice weekend.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


In Spring..I like to bring in the "Entrée des Artistes" floor mat .. and replace it w/ colors that go better with the wicker porch seat's a fountain of youth for the porch after a brisk winter..COLOR.

Angels Gather Here was a gift/birdfeeder when when moved here 16 yrs's beside the door and has not even weathered.

Little did I know that day that darling little angels would gather here:)

An old hydrangea wreath..there's a little picture frame in it w/ words about Nana's House..

It was so sunny..not complaining..  but I had my exposure set to + 1 something..never looked..anyway..everything was soo bright it didn't show up..birdhouses..wicker..and hello.. all things that make me like our front door.

I LOVE old wood doors..OLD  metal doors..OLD anything..but married to a guy who loves new;)

I made my first cake with our eggs..Marie had posted a lovely vanilla vanilla vanilla cake:)

She is an and my chickens;)

No doubt you recognize..Carol's work..I am so in love w/ this's getting framed too..if I can find the right size..etc..
right now it is in my recipe  book acrylic holder..replacing Mimi Thorisson for the moment..she won't care;)

You know..I was always careful here with what I hung up..all my curtains are on spring rods..well the few that I have..many things are hung w/ 3 M hanger thingies..

What am I saving the walls for?Who am I saving the walls for?

Stopping this nonsense.
right now.

This time of year..
I could literally post a post a day..

Life is born..

and I get excited and sleep worse than usual..

worth every sleepless moment..

I search our gardens and borrowed landscape..for bouquets:)

I never ever pick shouldn't..

but I love looking at them..and talking their photo.

2 ducks spent today here and at my neighbors..Jacques ..said :"you are getting a few too many pets"~LOL

So ...I am reading a troubling book..One Hour In Paris..

that could very well hour,anywhere on earth.

In fact at 18..I wanted to backpack in Europe after college  before 

University..and my mom was sad about it..

so I stayed and went to University..and she died that same first semester at McGill..

I left after that..not for Europe..but I left University..

and the rest is history..

The subject of of such importance to me.

I truly believe..that this can happen under many circumstances..

and I truly believe it changes a person  for life..

rape victims..  veterans..abused children..adults..either physically or mentally..

in so many more ways than we can describe..

If someone is brought to the point of physical pain that has no description..and that does not end..

I believe this causes PTSD.

Same for verbal abuse etc..

If you have a chance read the book..

so many poor people live w/ this..

and the people that cause it..get away scot free..

As in Amazing Grace that I just read..again..PTSD..because of one maniac..very good book by the way~

sadly..these things happen more than we know..

I just watched 13..  on Netflix..I cried the first episode..and then the drama..caught me off guard..same thing..not to be confused with 13 reasons why..which I have not watched.

And it happens repeatedly..

we need pacifists..kind people..caring take away the bad.

This is the time of year..where I just have too much to say;)

Monday, April 24, 2017

It's slow..but it's coming..

Oli loves Noah..

After the picnic

It's seems so slow to finally get here once you have been teased..Sunday was such  a tease..

It was the first really sunny day w/ scillas and snowdrops..and buds on trees..

It was the day Caramelle and Bécassine came to love with that is a typo and I am leaving with us is what I had intended to write.

Alain brought his work of art/heart over w/ a friend's trailer and Frédérick helped him set it up..etc.. the chicken coop Alain built for is a mini version of his large coop..

the back corner here  was a busy place till almost 3PM..all 4 boys were there..Mylène came..she had been to the gym..Caroline came she had been running..I came.. I had been making muffins lol..and Jacques kept the boys company getting things that were needed along the way..

it is so cute..  I am leaving it natural..the climate in QC is not ideal for painting decks..wood..white etc..pretty soon the large shrub in back will be bushy, leafy and green..and that side part Alain and Noah are working on is a planter box..much too early to plant in it will come..

Alain gathered everything we needed..even got the chickens and built it all..
Jacques and I both love it..and I gathered my very first warm egg..the next day..the temp was 32F..
I got up at 6.15 like  a farm girl..and they had not laid yet..I woke them up..they were upstairs sleeping;)

Not sure if you spotted the vintage bell..Alain bought that for us for the coop..just so cute..I hung a frame in their coop..laughs ..everyone laughed..I know they appreciate it:)

I'll show you an update when it is finished w/ flowers and shrubs filled in..

I won't show you Noah's hands full of give to the chickens..because the shot is so might feel queazy;)

The boys had a picnic..made discoveries in the secret garden..and did what boys do..get filthy.;)

Remember my tulip tip..well it didn't work w/ this mixed bunch

See..they drooped everywhere..same I guess you just never know and no one is an expert;)

I named this bouquet Heather;)  
Because..she knows better than me;)

By the way I made these..and they are delicious..from Dorie and Tutti Dolci..
How can you go wrong?:)
See the cut out? My taste test;)

since this is a food blog..I had better stick to the program..

Honestly..every moment/chance/second..I get..I am outside..when the weather permits..

so cooking takes a slight backstage..

and the gardens and girls become first and foremost..

I know I am posting early..but all of a sudden in QC..

everything happens at once..I can't skip a beat for this journal of mine..

The garlic is all up..

Who knew curly parsley was a perennial?Here..

Thyme..oregano..chives..lovage..rhubarb..all poking..up..

I have started seedlings and dahlias..and foolishly maybe..I have planted Ranunculus♥

Time will tell..