Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fig,Arugula and Prosciutto Salad~

A most delicious salad~
We found some small figs from Mexico.. (at Costco..not actually in Mexico..Costco ,Ottawa..)and picked up a small container..
At the same time we bought some Arugula..
I started Googling and came up with a mix of a few recipes I found..the basis was found on added salt and pepper..the prosciutto:)

La Recette~

Prosciutto..(I used one of Jacques' small ones..)

Plate up ..and drizzle with this dressing~
2 tbsps EVOO
4 tsps white wine vinegar
2 tsps honey
2 tsps Country Dijon Grainy mustard
S and P..
Whisk all..
Drizzle and enjoy~

I find it very pretty also~
Toasted Pine Nuts would be a plus~
I loved the huge fig tree at La Ferme De La Huppe in Gordes.

I tried growing one here..wintering it in the garage etc..unfortunately I gave brugmansias and the fig..just came together way too late in the season for our climate..And they were so heavy to cart in..
I just gave up..not like me..But I did..
Must be heaven to be able to grow figs..and lavender..and herbs..all year long~
Along with the Olive trees..The figs were my favorite..I am growing an Olive BUSH in the house:)
It is a tree.. but growing quite randomly... and ...haphazardly! I  do ♥ it though.
I'll make it go on vacation outside this should profit quite well.
I am not expecting olives..I just love looking at it~
The leaves are food enough for me .

Have a lovely weekend~

I hate to repeat myself I have bemoaned the fact a few places today..but during the night..(pendant la nuit..) we are expecting 20 cms of freshly fallen snow~

I've mentioned so many times I love Mary Engelbreit....
I think ..I'll add some of my favorite daily quotes:)

Just sometimes..~
This one is a keeper!

Aerodynamically,the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly,but the bumblebee doesn't know that,so it goes on flying anyway.
~ Mary Kay Ash


  1. I love that quote we should think of it as part of our everyday!

  2. What a beautiful salad. Reminds me of summer. Made extra special with Jacques Prosciutto.


  3. On Sunday I had a salad of dandelion greens and other greens grown by a friend with figs and a balsamic dressing. There used to be a fig tree in front of our local Italian shop but when they did the renovations it disappeared. In Canada I don't think it would have ever born fruit but it made me smile every time I passed by.

  4. In parts of Montreal..some figs do bear fruit:-)
    Lovingly tended by true green thumb gardeners:-)
    Some did trenches and bury the trees during winter:-)
    Clients of mine wintered theirs in their garage and it bore fruit every year..that's what made me try:-)
    The Montreal Gazette had the article about the fig tree in Montreal..I should look it up..
    Dandelion greens..I must friends enjoy them:-)

  5. Love that salad of yours
    Wish I could live by that quote:)
    Enjoy your weekend too
    Love Shel x

  6. Yes, it must be heaven to grow figs and lavender all year long. Perhaps we should move to Gordes. But wait, they have that pesky mistral to deal with.

    Your salad looks divine Monique and prosciutto makes everything better. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. A feast for the eyes, Nana! Like you, my idea of heaven is a backyard full of avocado, fig, and olive trees - with a grove of citrus , if there's room.
    Gorgeous fig salad! It is 7:15 am and I'm staring out the window at a dark, dark sky, but no sleet or snow - yet:)

  8. I was so surprised when a painter I was working with invited me to her place in Brooklyn and offered me figs from her tree! It seems Italian immigrants planted figs all over Brooklyn (her tree was decades old). I never knew they could grow this far north but then remembered that NYC is a zone warmer because of all the buildings. Her tree was in a walled garden –– the figs were delicious.

    I am growing a bay tree. In 2 years it is now a foot tall and has begun branching out. It grows VERY slowly. My first crop took a lot of the few leaves on my tiny tree but I think that's why it branched out. I am so proud of my little tree that I just put back outside this week. I cherish its tiny crop.

    Good luck with your olive tree!!

  9. Deana..I grew a bay also because of those same too grew so slowly and one summer a bug brought it to it's knees:(

    Enjoy your bay!

    And the snow is just starting here..
    I should bake macarons to switch my focus:)
    Sam.. that would be a dream I think..I could just never leave family..never.
    A great quote..I thought about it before getting up this morning~

  10. Gorgeous salad! It combines 3 of my very favorite ingredients: figs, arugula, and prosciutto. I just repinned it!

  11. J and I were just at Costco the day before yesterday and I didn't see figs :( I would have bought some if I had. What a beautiful salad! I love fresh figs and I know I would love this salad. Pinning another one :).

    We have been having awful weather also. Five days of rain now and we have a new lake between our home and the neighbor's house. Ducks actually landed in this this morning! I'm do sorry about more snow. This spring has been a doozie so far.

  12. Susan..I will even appreciate my gardens with all the work they will need..
    Oh you made me smile with the duck comment..sometimes we see them in road ditches here in Spring:-)
    Did you take pics? will like it:-)
    You too Susan:-)

  13. I've had a dessert in mind and I need some fresh figs to accomplish it. We are fortunate in Florida to have so much fruit available....year round...but right now? No figs. Never thought to look at Cosco.
    What a lovely salad, Monique.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. You too..These were from Mexico..not the large ones..cute cute..and very tasty.

  15. The salad looks delicious! I live on the border between Zone 1 and Zone 2 here in Sweden. Zone 1 is the warmest zone. And in Zone 1 it may be possible in a warm and sheltered place in the garden to grow so-called Bornholm figs. They are said to be quite hardy and can withstand normal Swedish winters in the warmest zone. But now we have had 3-4 cold winters so I wonder if there are any Bornholms figs in life. Love your blog! The spring is very late here this year, hope it is earlier in your place.

  16. Three of my favorite flavor punching foods together. I will have to try this. It is so beautiful too.

  17. Monique! I think we have the same ME calendar! That was the quote on mine for yesterday! I love her calendars!

    This fig salad looks fabulous! I just love Prosciutto and Rocket and figs! The three together with that fabulous looking dressing are right up my alley flavourwise! I wonder if I can get fresh figs at my mom's. I'll have to look for some! Hope you are enjoying a nice Sunday. It is sunny and bright here. A bit windy but from the South so very spring like! Here's hoping! xxoo

  18. Chilly here..hope you can find some at your mom's ! Oh she is in for a treat having you there~
    We do have the same calendar ..I smiled that we both put that quote!
    Jacqueline we ate at my friends house last night..soft Manicotti! Her mom's recipe..looks like yours..Divine it was!

  19. This year we planted a fig tree, hopefully next year we will see some fruits. Beautiful salad! And I love the green doors-))

  20. It will be so nice when you reap the fruits!