Friday, March 27, 2015

U Try It~ I did ♥

I love Peter Rabbit~
I loved the movie about Beatrix Potter~
And I think I would have loved her~Beatrix Potter..I was amazed ,when I read the tale of Peter Rabbit to Noah this week he had no clue who PR was!
This from the child that has every book imaginable..
I think Peter is out of favor here in QC.
In fact Jacques had never heard of him before me..
He said Peter Rabbit was not part of his French culture growing up..
I am French but my parents were perhaps that is why I had heard of him..

I am easily infatuated by artistic people.
Much more so..than financial people.
Or very technical people.
I admire them..I am in awe of them..I married one..
But I actually fall a little bit in love a different way..with artistic ,creative people..photographers,artists,musicians,chefs.
My mom was a true artist..thus the love affair~♥
And the little wannabe part of me.
But I am not loose enough..too organized..too tidy..can't relax if my immediate surroundings are not..en ligne.
I was not always like that..when I started dating my husband..much to the concern of my dad..but my mom's 100% approval..
my dad actually told my husband....:"Have a look at her will need a compass to dierct yourself once you walk in."
It was true.
My room had a black wall, a white wall and some kind of psychadelic black and white wallpaper..a single bed against that wall..and some kind of furry black throw..
most of my clothes were on the floor..a whirlwind..
I was 19.And this was 42 years ago..
My mom did everything for me..I am ashamed to say..she even made my bed as I sauntered off to university.McGill.
Marrying an engineer..made me re- assess my habits..
I could tell you 100 they are.. stories..that actually made me cry 41 years ago..

But w/ the years..I became ..a tidy nut.
So the artist flew away.
That's why I love...artists..most of the ones I have met..and gotten to know..  don't care about tidy..I am not generalizing..these are the artists I have come to know..could be very different for the artists you know..
And my mom was super tidy..but she had left her art many years before I knew her.
I love the stuff everywhere.. the art room that has paint and paintboxes ..and canvases..and LIGHT everywhere.
Pastel dust here and there.. oil on the floor..cookbooks that have pages turned and stuck to the walls.I just can't function that way.
Wondering if Beatrix was that inclined..

Speaking of artists..Amy at UTryIt~  made me fall in love w/ a little Easter cookie scene she created..
I knew I had to make some to pop into the boys baskets..I like making the things that go in their baskets..
These cookie vignettes..I am wrapping individually..They have their own stand after all.
I made my regular sugar cookies..I had Matcha..the I was good to go apart from the Lindt bunnies..I have a small silicone mold..but the bunnies were just a bit samller and I wanted to make them like Amy did.
Plus a Lindt at like a Laura Secord treat at Easter~
I couldn't add a flower in the bunnies ear..nor could I add roses..they are BOYS after all as they like to tell me.
But I am thinking of dollying one up for Donella if I see her..  or I will ask Myène if Giu is now too old for these.
You can let your imagination run wild..
Amy was kind enough to even include a video..Amy THANK you for sharing these ADORABLE Easter treats with us..
I am paying it forward for those who would have missed these;)
Bon Weekend~

Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter is less than 2 weeks away~

Are you starting to get ready?
I am.. I started sugar cookies,painted with Wilton Colors.
These keep very tin my cold room at this time of year.
We still have lots of snow ,but since Jacques snoblows pathways..those parts are to the the children can at least walk and pick and find their eggs on snowbanks..
Things could change though.In our province snow can leave in one week.With heat..
Fingers crossed.
I've started growing grass in baskets..and after only one has sprouted..and growing..and I may need to mow;)
Donellas hyacinths are blooming ,I am one that loves their scent.
Smells like heavenly Spring.
Saturday ,we went to Caroline and Frédérick's with our family♥
The boys had made posters for grandad..and we were served a feast.
Caroline had cute black and white checked napkins and w/ our cutlery they were wrapped with the menu for the evening.
Mylène made a pumpernickle loaf w/dip..Caroline made these..Presented exactly like this..she used edamame though..the platters looked like spring on a plate..and even Lucas loved them.Times are a changing.
I cannot even imagine their food bill later on~
Not sure you can read the menu..I took the pic w/ my Ipad..
We had an apple fennel salad w/ breads..Ricardo's was the hit bread of the night.
Then the main course was a fabulous risotto..the serving trays for the risotto were bones that Fred obtained from the butcher..used the marrow..cleaned ..washed..cut..filed and polished..the presentation was superb.. we each had a medley of root vegetables including Jerusalem artichokes..half a roasted cornish hen and thin veal scallops that were fried and leaning over the cornish hens..
BEAU..I can never get over his artistic presentations.
And his finesse in the kitchen.Like second first.
I had made the Maple Cake Roll..but used a different cake baking powder..and you beat 10 full cracking..and you bake 10 full minutes...but add the flour after by spoonfuls,folding in..
The filling I made the mélange soaked a bit more into the cake..that was Marie's idea.
I love when someone makes something I tried..but gives itan even better vibe.:)
I decided to add another dessert..while I had hungry people around me..
I fell upon a most beautiful blog..Fork and Flower..exquisite taste..the photography..the styling..♥..anyway I had pinned this recipe a LOOONG time ago..but didn't have a suitable mold..
Lo and behold I didn't find a recommeneded springform..but I did find this set..
and went ahead and made half the recipe and used pan #2.
So we had 2 smaller desserts instead of one big one..
The cake turned out beautifully.

My I said I mde half..I didn't have Calvados and I knew that...I can't bring myself to buying Calvados to make a few recipes..I used Sortilège,which is a QC liqueur ,maple flavored.It worked harmoniously.
In her recipe..if you can find when to add the caramelized walnuts please let me know.I went ahead and added to the batter(mine were pecans)..
And asked if that was right..I think so.
Beautiful cake..wonderful taste.
My glaze is that liquid gold I made a while ago and keep in the fridge..a thin burnished caramel you make stovetop and keep to glaze cookies or dishes such as these.
Yes ..yet another apple cake;)
I really do not think we can have too many.
I'll pull out the spring wreath..fresh cushions for the wicker..and hope the weather cooperates for Easter~

PS ..the adorable digital emebellishments were found at We Lived Happily Ever After~
I love her work..and they have just been blessed with a new baby boy~
Thank you Hannah.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ricardo's No Knead DELICIOUS Bread! And my girls~

One night..a few weeks ago.. at about my Le Creuset small pot..I mixed  3 1/2 cup of flour.. 1/2 tsp yeast..1 3/4 cup  cold water and 1 1/2 tsp salt..mixed it up with that dough wand I have..and let it sit overnight.. cover on..the next  morning at 7,30 it had a nice yeasty smell and at least one lovely big bubble..
Then..In another bowl..I had 1/3 cup whole wheat flour ready..

My new "Ricardo" magazine had arrived..and I was just too curious..

But wait..while it was still in the pot..You fold it onto itself about 6 times..Then dump it in the floured bowl..and coat w/ flour..Cover ..let rise 45 minutes..while it was rising..I preheated the middle shelf of the oven to 450..and after just cleaning off a bit my Le Creuset stuck it in that hot oven w/ the top on for 30 the end of the 30 dump your boule and cover and bake 30 mins..covered..30 mins uncovered ..after about 22 minutes I felt it was dark enough..Nothing of course brush off some of the flour at the bottom and you have a lovely boule..

I did not use the full 1/3 cup of  whole wheat flour..
If you feel like trying yet another no fail no -knead bread..and Ricado's:) Try it!
So good..
And the rise time is shorter than the others..
Always better same day..All of them..

It's the eve of Spring my desktop Mary Engelbreight calendar says..
Pourtant..  However.. it's 20F outside..
I am an optimist and know that March is the end..we may get a surprise early April..

But even that is short lived..

This weekend we will celebrate Jacques' birthday en famille..
And that will be better than Spring for him..

I made more little dolls ..this time a tad taller..  and I made them with my daughters in mind:)♥
Mylène..and Caroline..
I love making these..
They are Provence girls:) With their bérets and flowers.. one is a teacher..the other is on a contract for 18 months with an investment I added a Kate Spade purse..similar to the one she bought in I didn't really know what to add..
The only reason I said what they because of the little add-ons..Truthfully I am always surprised when the first thing someone tells me about their children..or that they are lawyers or doctors or have masters in this and that...or that they are super successful and are $$..
If they are happy..perfect!

Cause happy matters most.
I love that John Lennon quote..

I may not have thought so.. 30 yrs ago..but I do now.

And I quote..

"When I was 5 years old,my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life..
When I went to school,they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wrote down" happy".
They told me I didn't understand the assignment..
I told them they didn't understand life~"

Bon Weekend~

Oh mygosh what happened here w/ all the white?
I can't seem to remedy this..I think it is because I emailed the recipe..and copied and pasted..and then the whole post became ..white.

C'est la crois;)

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Most Delicious Cake Roll~

It was terribly grey and heavy this past weekend..grey that makes the snow look grey..
But Savannah is starting to see the light of day:)

But looks nowhere in shape like she does when the peonies bloom~

Our views become technicolor instead of monochromatic..
The briliant blue sky winter days..have been plentiful though this year..compared to the dreary days..
It was a gorgeous..frigid winter.

This easy to make delicious cake something Jacques LOVED this week.
I found it on Coup De Pouce  (a QC magazine)..dated 2005 on the internet.
One of our specialties is sucre à la crè is a Christmas delicacy and really all through the year.
I can compare it to fudge..but it's not..anyone who has had it will tell you there is a difference and in this case..Vive La Différence~
The cake roll is effortless to make..if you have never made one..this would be the perfect one to try;)
The filling is just as easy..and then you would see how it tastes..It's a bit like sugar pie..but different.
It would be perfect during the holidays..but even at Easter as it is sugaring off time here..
You could sprinkle maple flakes on top..or add a macaron on some buttercream..just a touch to hold the macaron..a sprinkling of confectioner's sugar is all this cake needs as an icing.
It holds together very well you can see the outside cut had less time I will spread more to the outside.But I always remove a thin slice ..thin ..thin thin..from the outer edges for a prettier presenttion.
This super easy recipe got 5 *****stars .11 evaluations.
Some added ice cream..vanilla♥ to go with.
Jacques loved it as is.

La Recette~

4 eggs
1 cup plus 2 tbsps sugar
1 cup of flour
1 tsp baking powder
icing sugar

The filling

1 cup brown sugar
1/4 lb of butter
 1/4 cup  milk..I used 3%

Beat the eggs and sugar for ap 3 minutes until the mixture is pale.
Add the flour that you have sifted with the baking powder.
Blend well.
Spread the dough in a buttered 15x17 inch jelly roll pan..(I used parchment instead of buttering)
Bake in a  preheated 350 F oven for 8 minutes or until the cake is took about 12 minutes for mine..
Unmold warm on a clean dishtowel that you have sprinkled  with the extra 2 tbsps of sugar.. ..roll up taking the towel along with it:)without squeezing though..

Place on a cooling rack..and cool completely.

For the filling..bring the ingredients to a boil in a heavy bottomed pot..Boil for one minute.
Remove from heat and beat w/ an electric mixer until it thickens..
Spread warm mixture on your completely cooled unrolled cake..and roll up again...this time w/out the tea towel.Place on a serving tray and Sift icing sugar over..I like to add something on top..a meringue..a macaron or two..;)
That's it ..slice and serve.
Honestly one of the easiest ones I have made.
Make it your first:)
I think I may redo for his birthday en famille but dress it up~

Rita..and her posts..always inspire me to try and learn:)

I could not get the book she recommended but found this the same author..

And some new paints~

Now to sit ..and be quiet..and focus..and learn~:)
Who am I kidding?
I think I have this picture in my head of wanting to learn..and ..........what?
This is way over my head~
Everyone's so unique..I think you have to know your style and stick with it.
How do you find that?
That's the $64,000.00 question

All I to paint like Waterlogue.
Is that too much to ask?:)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Brown Paper Packages:)

I made make agains this past week..
Remember Spinach strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing?
A classic..we still love it..
Yes my eggs are square:)
In this month's Ricardo magazine..they were focusing on certain fun gadgets..I said to Jacques..:"I have that".I bought it at least 30 yrs ago I think.It's "nouveau" again.

Now if I had only kept my hot pants..(kidding of course)..

I tried David Lebovitz's take on Chicken Marsala..and it was very good w/ egg noodles..I have tried others..but this one was good enough to make again.
I've mentioned this pie before..and even shared it..
But it is worth repeating

As I just made it again and he still loves it again:)
Jacques loves crumbed topped pies..
I have a few that have this upper crust;) But I only make one Brown Bag Apple Pie.
This one was made w/ Ricardo's cream cheese dough..and Kim's Brown Bag Apple Pie Recipe from her mom..You can use any pie dough you enjoy.
I find Ricardo's pie doughs to be fail proof for me.

I used to have a trepidation or two that the bag would ignite..but after so many times.. it never has.Even at that temp~
So if you feel like experimenting..and having a broad smile when you peel the brown bag away..Try this one..
Pies are so "Home" style I find.

I wanted to ask you a question..while in Florida..I tried the Trader Joe's Cornbread mix..and although it crumbs about in a messy way when is really good..
I have this cast iron pan..and many recipes stick..I do oil it and warm it..but still some do.I did find a recipe that pops out well..but the taste is very bland..Too bad cause it even lookled like corn..Do any of you have a tried and true cornbread recipe?:) A delicious one?:)That tastes like the mix of TJ's?
If so I'd love it.I'm not a mix girl.

Thank you.

Did you see this? Love it.

And this? Having superheroes in the family..this really got to me..

I just love being moved to tears.
By kindness.
Bon Weekend♥

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dulce De Leche Bundt..and this and that~and this and that..

I finally..purchased a Wannabe Heritage Bundt silicone..and took this Dulce De Leche bundt cake for a test drive in it..
The pan workes great!I am fond of all my silicone..  a charm to use!
However I overbaked my cake as you can see by some of the ends..
Could it be the caramel in it?
Not sure..but the middle wasn't firming up..I kept putting it back in..and out and in..
Anyway flavor is good..But I would have liked it a bit less baked.
Next time convection all the way~:)
I want to make 2 small cakes and some mini fairy cakes apart from cookies for Easter..Painted..and not..
One in my mini heritage..and the other in a new mold..
Not sure which cake to bake..  I have my thinking cap on..
I loved the lamb..from Susan Branch..
The Hen Pie..that one was hens pie:)

I think I will do the mini Heritage in a lemon type..and the new a coconut type..
Tap tap tap..

We found figs .. from Turkey I think our local grocery I made a few salads that we like with them.. and blueberries ...and that dressing of Chris's we love so much..

I have been reading a lot..It has been an unusually cold winter..
Warming up though!
So I have been reading..

I think I am getting difficult w/ time..
I have read books that have gotten rave reviews..and I am looking inside me to actually be able to give a review..I don't dislike it..but I don't love it..and I don't even like it~
So I say nothing..
My mom always told me if you have nothing nice to say..say nothing.

I have loads of books I have loved..
But lately?
Not so sure..
We Were Liars worked for did not work for  some..when I read the Goodreads reviews..but I kept turning the pages late into the night.
I like that.
I crave books that keep me reading..So many do not.
I have started testing new wafer Fancy Flours ..the shipping to Canada is not even thinkable..
Shipping from the UK doable..
Check EBAY  ..

You can even Waterlogue♥

I ♥ those Cath Kidson lookalike wafer papers for cookies.
Lots of links I know..
But I learn from links:)
If not for something one of you have said..or showed..or shared..
I would have never known.Even Waterlogue!
Merci beaucoup pour tout!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Donella Loves Tea~

My friend Donella loves tea in the afternoon..and little biscuits and things..
Meringues and candies.
She loves to garden..and read..pinks,plums and pearls.
Her grandchildren.Her children..
Maine,Vancouver,Halifax and Hawaii..her town here.
Making quilts and painting.
She loves her computer..and her indoor plants..
Her cozy place,her treasured things.
I love to visit Donella..
I worked with her 100 years ago,,from the get a  green 28 yr old..this seasoned realtor was welcoming to me.
Unlike others who always "Do we really need another agent in this small town?"
If not for manager dear Rosemarie..and our secretary at the time..
I don't know if I would have lasted...those first few years..

Eventually Derek and Ray etc..made working there  plausible to my sensitive nature.
And then others:)

Donella would have me to lunch..made me feel welcome..
She retired eventually and I kept working.
We kept in touch.
She's had a hard time the last few years..but what a trooper..and she could give Violet a run for her money with her sometimes feisty repertoire of come back lines;)
Honest.. true blue..and a fighter.
She has turned out to be quite the role model for perseverance.
And complain? Never.She tells it like it is ..but you won't hear :"Woe Is me",when others would not even get out of bed.

Anyways..visiting Marie's blog as I always do..she shared  little dolls she makes..I was instantly smitten.I have linked you to a story Marie wrote♥..Keep looking at later posts..She has made Alice In Wonderland..Dorothy ..A Bumble Bee  doll..etc etc..
Un Coup De Foudre.
So I started making little effigies for people..that these dolls came to mind for me.
Lady Donella was one of them.
I add a little card..and a tag..
She put her under her lamp leaning against the base.
You are never too old for dolls..
This one is 6 inches high if that.

Nancy got one.. a small paintbrush in her apron..and a backpack for all her travels..
She has even been out I am told.

I am so thankful to sharing her gave me the inspiration to try.

Noah..has had the time of his life with his mommy at Disney,this Spring break.
I don't think I would have ever had the independance to take one of my children..on my own to Disney..she planned everything ..booked everything..all the photos ..Memory Maker.All the meals w/ famous characters.
Mylène has Disney in her blood..:) I loved seeing all the pics she shared and all the little notes..I had never Face Timed..I did! How great is that!!
She sent photos that brought back memories from when we went as a family..
Seems like 100 years ago..I was 34..the girls were 13 and 11..

I love this one  above..Tinkerbell♥

I won't leave you w/out a recipe..Perfect for this weekend..just cause it's a weekend..
These are my daughter Caroline's waffles ..they turn out perfect!  They are from her co-worker Loredano..
You can even freeze the batter.
We all have that Flip waffler.Mine is Oster..Caro..Hamilton Beach I think..and her clue..

They are perfect..did I say that?

La Recette~

I will give you the recipe as I got it..I halved it..and still Jacques and I can make 2 meals out of them.This recipe is more for when the boys sleepover etc..Jacques and I are light breakfast eaters.
We actually tested for a lunch..We each had 1..I had half.
I keep saying half..

4 eggs
4 cups all purpose flour
3 1/2 cups of milk
1 cup vegetable oil
2 tbsps white sugar(they sometimes put more)
8 tsps baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract.

I simply mixed all the ingredients;)
That's how easy they are..But remember I made half..and was able to freeze some~

Monday, March 2, 2015

Blood Oranges~

Talk about fruit beauty..Blood Oranges..Oranges Sanguines~
I ♥ the look of them and what we do with them..

One day..I decided to go through old magazines I have been keeping (hoarding?  No..keeping..)

I threw out all my Bon Appé a few..since before 1999!

and oh so many Food and Drink..since 1999 on..

It pained me..but I did go through many to see..if I should keep or let go..

This magazine ..the free when you shop at an LCBO.
I am quite distraught we missed the last one..Winter 2015..
But..not all is lost as I did keep this recipe because of the blood oranges..
Blood onion..celery ..and mint salad.From Food and Drinl 2005 I think..
C'est une belle salade!
I made 2 one for Jacques and one pour moi..

You blood orange each..
Some your taste..some thin slices of red onion..some finely diced celery..and some fresh mint..

Take 2 tbsps of fresh blood oj.. and 1/4 cup of Olive Oil..and freshly ground pepper..
Drizzle over your pretty salad~
C'est vraiment bon!
I wanted to put the rest of the blood oranges to good I tried painting them..

In this space you will see nothing;)

Then I read about blood orange marmalade..
next time..I will try and find my fave marmalade recipe that I have safely placed somewhere amidst oh 40 yrs of recipes..and make that one..
I did however read about marmalade in the microwave..since I only use that below the counter appliance for reheating..
I thought I would give this marmalade a try..
So..I took 2 blood oranges..
Depitted..and de middle pithed....and chopped..
I ended up w/ 1 full cup of blood orange pieces..
The recipe said to add an equal amount of place in a  microwave safe bowl..
I used my 4 qt Pyrex..and let it go for the 8 minutes..
NEXT time..I will start checking and stirring after 5 minutes..I bet 5-6 minutes would have been ample..
It's a tad thick..but good and time even quicker:)
I have a great rhubarb microwave jam recipe..and as soon as I find it this summer and make it:) I will share~
I am still so in love with mini Bonne Maman jars.

I parted with one ..I brought scones to Donella one day and packaged them up w/ a wee jar..
I kid you not..Jacques walked by the little package and said: "C'est trop cute"~
He even likes the minis:)
The cute Hello and wreath are from We Lived Happily Ever After~
Thank you Hannah.

Sunday.. after  3 of the boys left our home after having had a sleepover..

I made these  from Averie Cooks and they were a hit with not only the 3 boys..but Noah also who came to say bye before his trip to Disney..
I didn't have chunks..used took 100 to line them up:)

I was browsing  my new Dorie Greenspan book..  Baking Chez Moi  and there was a recipe for a loaf cake that used oranges or clementines..  The St-Pierre Poppy Seed Cake~I thought why not use the last Blood Orange? I loved the name and the anectdote enough to try it~
It's a lovely little loaf cake..and since the mold I was using was a touch smaller than the recommended pan..I made 4 minis too..
I will bring a couple to Donella.
This is the 3rd of Dorie's books that I have..and really everything just turns out perfect.

The recipe is very easy and what I like that there's a little twist here and there w/ Dorie's recipes..Like having our impeccably clean hands rub the sugar w/ the rind..Makes so much sense..flavors naturally and perfectly.
You could easily and happily add some of that powder you can see here.
That all you need is a whisk and  a spatula..I love to get away from the noise somethimes..
The double sheets..and a silicone mat..etc..
Little niceties that assure a perfectly baked good.
You probably have everything you need right in your home if you have oranges and poppy seeds.
Her husband tasted this cake/loaf and brought some home and asked her to make it..She is good..:)

So Downton is done..for this Season~

Quelle tristesse.

I'll miss it!
I won't say anything incase some of you have PVRd it like both my daughters;)
I will say I would have loved to see it even more I think ..this Christmas..
And Jacques had said it was 2 hrs.. it was 1.5 hrs..I wanted it to last longer.

A friend asked me to look at this..and I thought I would share with you in case you had not seen it..

Have you seen this Downton video?
Quelle parodie!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lattice Sugar Cookies~

As I type the snow is falling like in movies..huge numerous beautiful snowflakes..
Not pretty for travelers..or commuters..but it sure is pretty out there and a balmy 20 F!:)
Most of us have watched Sunday is the season finale..
I don't want to give anything away here..but if I have to worry about Anna until next year..:(

I cried 3 times.
It was a wonderful episode.

Ever since I saw these lattice cookies..many many places..just do a Google Search..I have been enamoured with their look:)
I wanted to make some at Christmas..too many cookies had been made..Valentines? Too many desserts had been in the plans because it was a combined festivity of more than one thing..
So one  snowy February day..I made some..
Next time I will be more precise..with my strips..
But how sweet are they?
Invite a friend for tea or just for you..or the both of you..A little sugar cookie on a cup of tea never hurt anyone..
I thought even some boys in this family would like this little treat..Lucas and Noah are the most adventurous eatser so far in the boys.
I love having fresh cookies for them.
I have the time..and it is not every day that I see them to offer cookies..
But Lucas comes over after school sometimes  now..for a game of chess.. geography..dictée..Not for long.. just a recap sort of and then a game..
That's when I love to have something warm out of the oven the best♥
This week he and a friend..Tyler made a movie Tyler's mom filmed..all about No Bullying~
It was sent to me and my eyes filled with well done!
They wore pink t shirts..had posters..  their sweet faces..
I hope every school teaches no bullying.
We saw a sad sad reportage about France..  it's here.. there..and .. everywhere.
It must stop.
Schools must be on the lookout and there should be no tolerance whatsoever.
Poor little souls..

I made the same Sprinkle Bakes sugar cookie in her book ..because..well..Lucas loved the Valentine's ones..Not all sugar cookies meet his expectations..he liked them so much after eating one Hello Kitty cookie and the Je t'aime heart..he said..:"Nanan..(yes he calls me that now♥) can you make like Spiderman or Dinosaur ones next time?"
I have to get w/the boy program:) Little frilly hearts taste good..but..please bring on the more manly treats:)

Anyway..make your fave sugar cookie recipe.. or Sprinkle Bakes one recipe  below..

I rolled out 2 circles of I slit many strips w/ a pizza cutter..and I did the same w/ the other..Then I took one from the left circle and latticed into the right..and so on and so on..then you take a cookie cutter ..the shape you want..I measured the tops of the cups I would be using..and bake..
A soft sprinkle of icing sugar and there you are..

Sugar cookie recipe..Courtesy of Sprinkle Bakes.

La Recette~

2 sticks of butter or 1/2 pound softened
1 cup plus 2 tbsps granulated sugar
1 egg lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups all purpose flour  more for rolling.

Mix butter and sugar until just incororated in your stand mixer.Do not overmix now or they may spread.
Add egg and vanilla extract...mix on low and scrape down.
Add flour and salt.Mix on low until there are no streaks of butter left.The dough will clump around the paddle..that's when you know the dough is perfect.
WRap the dough and refrigerate 1 hour.
Roll out dough to 1/4 inch..(I think I need those rings everyone raves about)
Cut out shapes,place on parchment paper.Refrigerate the cutouts 30 minues.
Preheat oven to 350..
Bake 15-20 minutes until edges are golden.
Let cool and decorate..

Obviously for the lattice cookies I just rolled out and cut into strips:)

Years ago.. maybe 30 years work..we had gift exchanges..we each picked a name and at our Christmas party..we each had a gift unwrap..w/ no name as the sender.
I was a realtor for over 28 years..
This was my gift all those years ago..and I found out it was from Brenda..who had been thrilled to find this for me she said.
It is very vintage..even has an ink stain on the red polka dot lining..and a very pretty tag from the Co..  all says..
I used it and am wondering now if it was me that her pen leaked:)
I have been eyeing it and because of the embroidery..I would like to try my hand at making one..Confused as to how to make the fabric..turn to make the handles..Also need to get to a fabric few and far between ..  a rarity now.
Except for downtown..and Fabricville on the WI.
Isn't it absolutely adorable?
I love vintage things:)Vintage people too♥