Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More ♥'s

Furry Friends~


Le Lionceau

Je t'aime.

Added sptinkles..the way to go w/ 4 Littles..more exciting..

Le Bisou~

Snow angels..lol...Noah's mom captured this and she sent it to me;)

Noah and his funny friends:) In the snow..Michaela and Noah..are taking cooking classes together:)
She's so cute..that's her little brother Ben in the middle and there is a wee baby sister at home~ Abbie~
Littles and snow.. priceless.
You're looking at life ..that is normal for our family..my girls liked being silly and my Littles like it too..
I look at blogs from far and wide w/ much more decorum..and think..
we have never really known that.

Speaking of decorum..Downton Abby..you should hear my comments..:(
Jacques even laughs..

Mr.Carson?  Change now..or you have lost all my love.
Mrs Hughes? Bet you are wondering if you made a wise decision?
Daisy? Come on...Can you just let Mrs Patmore be..? After everything she has done for you?
Mr.Barrow..you have my undivided attention and empathy now.
Mary..every episode you seem smaller and smaller to me..in essence.
Do you love George? Ice cold mommy.
And I can tell there's no chemistry w/ your new beau.

The whole tour of Downton Abby and your ignorance of it's contents..all of you..
..shame on you.

I am so tough this week!

This guy..braves the winter ..in the manner his mistress sees fit:)
Lord Grizzly..freshly groomed..lol.

Every year sure as sugar,I come home w/ 4 furry friends for the Littles..for Valentine's day..and then Jacques and I think of which one goes better w/ which Little..this year we were polar opposites..
I let him choose...

Like our daughters names..we had a pact 42 yrs. ago..I pick the boys names ,he picks the girls..I never had a pick!
This year..it's his choices..
I was ready to pick numbers etc..lol..

too complicated he said..
he is right.
I bowed out.

So meet the 4 that made the cut for this year..maybe the last.

I made  special cookies for the Littles....I bought this cookie cutter last yr..many many many days after Valentine's..at our one and only WS..a day's trip away..almost.. w/ pay tolls..and boring views..

but a great place for General Tao....in that city mall area..IMHO..and fun shopping in a shopping city.
I used a recipe from Bake at 350..because..well...it's Bridget..
the recipe made enough for the 4 large cookies and the mini hearts ,that are in fact part of the cookie..

I have to give you tips re using these huge cookie cutters..see below...as many may have Christmas ones..like I do..

So these cookies are BIG..and w/ all the cut outs..the hearts..it makes them hard to lift when raw or just baked..

1.I rolled out each cookie on an ind.square of parchment ,so I could lift the cookie..on the parchment and place it on my baking tray..each tray held 2 cookies..and I baked the small hearts in another batch..because they are tiny and bake quickly.
2.I remove the small hearts before baking..I make sure that when I am pressing the cookie cutter..I stretch around each tiny  heart,well,so that every heart comes off..some still remain..don't lift the cookie ,lift the whole parchment and curl it back a bit to get that heart out..very few should remain..3 was tops on mine after I perfected my little method..
3.I put my cut out cookies in a screened in porch that has a cold outside temp..until they were stiff:)
4.Keep an eye..my cookies took longer than her recommended cooking time..maybe 10-11 minutes..you could need less..

5.When done ,lift the whole parchment and place on cooling rack..let cool..  and THEN..gently slide a spatula to remove from the paper and leave on rack till cooled completely .

6.I thought the boys would like a bit more special..so I put the Wilton gel..in the form of hearts and sprinkled the sprinkles..that do stay put ..where you placed the gel..
Place a waxed paper if you want to recuperate the sprinkles that don't make the cut..I forgot..I had a million sprinkles on my counter..so The Dirt Devil came in handy..then I sparkled everything..
I hope these instructions do not deter you from trying BIG ind.cookies..I know the Littles will be happy.

Chocolate cookie batter and I are not a match made in heaven..the cocoa powder..etc ..the batter..a chocolate mess..until all is well again.
Now that I know how easy these cookies can be..I look forward to ind.Christmas ones..I did make large Easter ones last yr..but not in chocolate.
Our youngest daughter turns 39 on the 21rst..we are celebrating this coming weekend..

Seems like yesterday~

I'll be working on a cake..and cupcakes...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tea and painting ~While freezing rain was falling..

Seems so long ago..when we were strawberry picking~
I found these pics on my daughter's Instagram and asked her for them.
I like painting back shots and only being in back shots..
such a beautiful day it was..she wants to go to a busier place next year..I loved the quiet of this farm.
It would probably be more exciting for him:)

Meanwhile ..this past week we had 2 gorgeous mild very unlike February days with those brilliant blue skies and bright sunshine..and then the freezing rain came..I had many plans for baking..but the power flickered..and I was reminded of Christmas eve..and put those projects safely aside..

Bits and bobs of pinks and reds..blooming teas,vintage Valentines,pretty stamps , card making ,new Rice Krispie treats recipe.. and strawberry picking last June~

The cookies are the same as in my last post..the stamp..well since I mentioned them last time too..remember you can use them for applying on your dry royal icing like Bridget does..I have yet to perfect that technique of a nice coating to be able to stamp..seems I was better when I dipped the cookie into..a glaze sort of..that's how I used to paint them..anyways..all of you close to a Target(I am still missing ours..) ..those aisles..when you first walk in..to the left..they are my faves when we are in the US..go peek if you have not..such sweet stamps cards..Littles things..
For the Littles eating pleasure..go to Marie's..GOBBLED UP these were..

I love blooming teas..it's a special treat to set a woven pod in a pot and watch it bloom.Do you see what I see?
They are good too..and you can refill the pot~Not forever but a good strong twice.

Un peu de jardinage..inside;)Inside a teapot~

Bon Weekend~

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kind Gestures~and Je T'aime~

In just a few short hours..February will be upon us..
I don't know about you..but January flew by.Very  easy winter so far,knock on wood.
Rain expected tonight..

Truly ..the Littles inspire me for Vday,and my daughter inspires me for February.

If I was on my own..or even just the two of us..February would not have the same meanings.
I am easily influenced by outside influences;)

I saw a floral arrangement on Martha Stewart..a BEAUTIFUL arrangement in a birch bark pot..
we snowshoe and X-country ski..I didn't even see where to buy it or what to do...instructions as to how to make a birch bark pot.

I Pinned her pic.

 And we snowshoed again..because this keeps happening;)So beautiful.

 I know..I should have straightened the above pic..I love my neighbors homes..on both sides..and like both my neighbors..lucky me.

I am way behind because I am gathering birch bark and taking pics..never a dull moment~
 He's thinking..OMG now what's she doing~
Going anywhere out of the ordinary and even the ordinary..I love taking pics..so I am always far behind~

The first day I came home w/ thick bark from a dead tree.. ..dead because it is snapped in half laying across the lay of the land..
I soaked the bark..rolled the bark..hoped..made a mess everywhere ..even of my nails.. not acrylic..mine.But I like them and take care of them;)Mostly in winter..
Threw my first efforts away..the next time..I only peeled off the thin outer layer and came home w/ a pocket stuffed of thin bark..and le tour was joué~
I glued the bark over a diced tomato can;) And used oil paint that was in my palette that day to inscribe my heart w/ my alphabet boys initials.

I added a primula..because I love primulas..and it made my heart sing.
The whole thing.

 Another thing that made my heart sing..

..just before Christmas..I received a surprise package..unexpected..such cute things inside:)
I have shared some..not this yet.. cookie stamp..a set of 3 rubber heads that fit on a lovely wooden base..I am a cookie cutter lover.
I have a few of these..but none as quirky and fun as this set of three..
I truly believe what that stamp says:"Damn it feels good to be a baker"..

some days..baking is all the therapy I crave~♥

Cute n'est-ce -pas?

Terry lives in NY..we "met" through Gardenbuddies and found each other again..

we share Pins and new recipes and ideas..and Littles stories;)

how she knew I would like this I have no idea..;)..but I DO:)

I used this recipe..for the shortbread stamps..and used a half recipe..this is when a scale is of the utmost importance in a kitchen..
I love them..not too sweet at all and a lovely shortbread crispness/flakiness..and it stamps well..I did chill the stamped cookies in the screened in porch first.
The next day..even flakier..keeper recipe !!
Really..and who doesn't have a stick of butter,some flour,a wee bit of icing sugar and rice flour hanging around?:)

Do you see 2 bee stamped cookies?Plain old Michael's $1.50 in Canada stamps..so..maybe $1.07 in the US..
I had seen cookie stamps hand made..from France..and they looked like my ink stamps..
use new ones only and use them only for food.
Bags..how adorable can bags be?
at our Winner's and Home Sense..always bags at the cash..$1.49..perfect gift wrapping no?
I could not resist 3 for 3 girls I know...Saw it ,loved it,bought it~pink and grey and polka dots on sides.

And what about cupcake Dollar store gift bags?

Things that are cheap and cheerful and cute.
I love packaging up something in special ways.
I have received gifts wrapped in fabric:) I have received plain paper w/ an old ribbon:)I love them ALL.

Speaking of Love..this was The movie when I was a teen..
Watching the trailer brought back so many memories..such a different time..you never even thought of growing older..having grandchildren..losing people you love..
it really does fly by..so many people used to say that and I would think:"yeah,yeah.yeah"..and yeah..it did.
Who can forget gorgeous natural Ali McGraw? And she still is..
and the name Oliver..I adored it when she would call him by name..I was infatuated with that name..little did I know that some almost 50 yrs later I would have a Little by than name♥
That's a love story:)xox

P.S. Did you see the movie..About Time?Not the best link I think..but I LOVED the movie..Jacques..not as much as I did..
I even loved the music..

If you could go back in time and change one event..do you have one? Or two?

I am sure we have many..but my most recent came to mind..

the next morning..after I listened to the soundtrack before sleep on Spotify the night before..

Jacques said..;'I know which moment you would pick.'
He was spot on.~

I have a little idea up my sleeve for those cute miniature cupcake chocolates..that I did not make......


La Recette de "shortbread"  
From Roti and Rice (adapted version)

1 3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup rice flour
2 sticks  salted butter softened
1/2 cup icing sugar

1.Combine flour and rice flour in a bowl
2.In a larger bowl cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
3.Sift in flour mixture..combine w/ pastry blender until dough comes together..form a ball wrap and chill 15 minutes.

4.Place dough on parchment paper and roll out..cut with desired cookie cutters..when I make stamped cookies..I use the stamp..then cut around with a larger cookie cutter

5.Bake in a pre-heated 350F oven for ap 20 mins..transfer to a wite rack..cool..enjoy.

Refer to her recipe and instructions for a more detailed version:)~
And don't hesitate to make som of these just for you:)

Half a recipe..makes enough..to keep you happy and feeling..not guilty;)

I still remember the felling of Valentine cards  in my hands..when I was a child..I love feeling that feeling all over again..

I wish I had them..so many wishes..

maybe that's my new middle name;).

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Banana bread and lasagna roll ups~

The Medal:)

Really good..not a great pic..but we liked it a lot~

Noah had the smallest baby teeth imaginable..he is 7..grade 2..lost the two bottom minis this year and now a top one..they are growing in quite perfectly:)

Noah approved salad~

On thin ice..if you ask me..

I start early for Valentine's Day here..
not for Jacques and I  but the Littles..and just little things here and there..I do make a special dessert around that date for a family get -together for one of our daughter's birthdays..,but in between now and that day..I like tryng out things on them..
That's Lucas' hot chocolate when he came over one chilly afternoon..and that's Noah's banana bread when he came for lunch..
He knew it was his..there were 4..only one was different:)
Which of these things is not like the other?:)

Overipe bananas + a girl who hates waste=banana bread..
this must be my 50th recipe..it's very good and moist..sour cream is the kicker here..I made 4 minis in vintage tins..and a larger one for Jacques..the four..because Mylène and Noah came for lunch..
I made this one..

We had that tortellini soup..you know the one..and a nice salad..the salad recipe came from Chris..I used roasted walnut oil and it worked quite well:) Love Chris' dressings~Thank you..

By the way I love my empty yogurt pots:) Did you notice I found lids?Just 12..but I now have 12 jars 12 lids:)

Noah entered an Abomini endurance race..he had to run 1.9 kms..in very cold weather..dive under obstacles..jump over others..roll a huge log and drag a Xmas tree..all dressed in boots and heavy snowsuit etc..kudos darling..yes..that's what winter sports looks like here:)
See his medal?He is so  proud..he's 7..hang a medal..it's like a new necklace on us...I am happy w/ costume new necklaces..:)
He's now got freckles to sell~

Lucas ran track..lost both his races..but in 60..10 yr olds.. he came in 16th..no medals..and he had cracked his tooth in half the day before..an adult tooth..
both Jacques and I feel that both are lovely in their endeavours..participation is key..winning is great for the Little..but just participating is great for us.
The dentist fixed his tooth.and all is well..some fab Crazy Glue..they had kept the half tooth..

the last photo is a usually over populated ice lake..filled with fishing shacks and streets..all on the lake..well  we had a few cold days and some ventured..but it's been milder..and rained all day yesterday..sunny today..it's just not safe in my opinion and apparently the rest of the usual ice dwellers think so too..
I do miss the sight of ALL of them.My dad LOVED ice fishing..w/ a huge raccoon coat..I can still see him and it's been over 40 yrs..
as much as my mom was composed,reserved,elegant,an artist..a woman of "letters"..my dad was flamboyant..colorful..over the top..in everything.
Nothing in moderation.
My mom..everything in moderation..even her flickering ,counted I am sure..cigarette.

..and one day I made these Lasagna Roll Ups ..we both really enjoyed them..
I had bought a jar of Trader Joe's Marinara sauce(basil),in Florida.. that I had not used..because..well I love to make our sauces..so when I saw this recipe..I thought..great..use the jar.
They are easy..and delish..I used the whole jar..8 roll ups make 2 meals for Jacques and I..2 each at each meal..I added my snippets of chopped garlic scapes..JUJJED  it..and parmesan cheese..I used full fat Ricotta..Jacques only enjoys the whole 9 yards.Funny because our main courses are quite non fat...but when it comes to ricotta..cream cheese..etc..full fat.
I use spinach no cook flat lasagna sheets when I make lasagnas..so I had to buy cook noodles..do yourself a favor and buy a well known brand of lasagna noodles to cook/boil..I used Lancia..not one broke..fiou!
I cooked my lasagna roll ups longer at least 1/2 hour covered and the rest I played by ear..sight I mean;) and let  them bake until I knew they were done..I made my roll ups in the morning..so all I had to do was bake for dinner.That's me.
Again..like having Mrs Patmore over in the morning..
I am the girl that lives in a manner of Below The Stairs.Well not quite but if I had to chose..I would be in the kitchen.

Re DA..Meh.....this week, bland..apart from Anna..and Mr Bates and even then I knew it was coming..Mary and the car fanatic..NO CHEMISTRY..blah this week..I found, and Jacques also..forgive me:)
Not enthralled with Mercy Street yet..nor Billions..
Looking forward to Call The Midwife.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bev's Roasted Chicken ~ And Marie's Apple Baked Donuts♥

It was cccold.

It wasn't my fave outdoor sports day.

I glean..from all of you..thank you.

I have always admitted I am not an inventor of recipes..and if I do..they are our year in year out recipes that I make from memory adding this and that..
So I glean..I visit blogs I love ..I am sure I still have many to discover..and sometimes..I guess I am in the mood for what they just made and I have to..too..
This was the case with Bevs' roasted chicken..no way can I even attempt a cooked photo of it..unless we ate dinner at noon..but you can go visit Bev and see exactly how she made it..I even added the orange zest..and some juice..I am a big fan of fennel but it's so darn hard fresh..so roasted was a perfect idea for me..
I had acorn squash and in reading Ina's recipe..it was not noted..so I left it out because there was no more room in my little chicken Revol roaster and that's what I wanted to absolutely use..:)

And I want to make my stuffed acorn squash again.

My friend bought a yellow Revol in Europe,so so pretty!I love it!

I realize a sheet pan would roast better but I hardly use this lovely chicken.
I used 2 large pieces that are breasts w/ a bit of back I gather..
The house smells so darn good when meals like this are roasting..Thanks Bev!

I painted a bit..one is now scarp watercolor paper to test colors..yes that bad..but this one I kept..

The weather has been darn cold.
One day I had an appt.  and decided to do errands while in that vicinity..the commercial  area was built up in fields..
with the wind chill factor it was almost -15 F.
It literally knocks the breath out of you getting to and fro your car.
You open your car door and it takes super strength to not let it fly open into an adjacent parked car.

The next day..the sun was out and the wind had died down so we ventured out.. in our snowshoes..you can see how very LITTLE snow is on our path in between evergreens..once you are in the open..there is much more snow..and I love the scent walking through the evergreens~
 Well  the wind WAS still there and my ears and face felt frozen and miserable.I was happy to come home.I think they were in Omaha in Planes Trains and Automobiles..that's what I felt like.

.. the baked donuts..
I took about 15 photos of those baked donuts..and they kept getting sparser and sparser:)
They are so good..
Our coffee machine stopped working all of a sudden..we filled it..added the fresh ground beans..light went on..then nothing..and it was the coffee morning..not the green tea morning..
so I used our RBC royal rewards points and ordered a new coffee machine..our girls have the single cup Nespressos w/ little cups..and they are a treat..but we stuck to conventional..I ordered the Cuisinart that grinds the beans..we have a Breville cappuccino maker but seldom use it..that was about 4 yrs ago w/ Royal Rewards..maybe 10;) Time flies..

The machine came Friday dinner time..so Sat..after our green tea/ ginger /lemon /honey elixir..I left Jacques to the instructions..I was already flabbergasted it did not fit under the cabinet..where our other coffeemaker lived..he pointed to a very visible spot under the window..and said :"look we could put it there.."in my head I was thinking..never..to him..I said :"never."Plants go there..my Nancy canisters..my Cucina..I don't want to stare at a huge coffeemaker:(..that's like a big TV..
Anyway..we reached a compromise..and it sits at an angle..beside the fridge so you can't see it:)
I don't do instructions..I would have plugged it in and filled it and pushed the "bouton"..
But Jacques is the engineer..so I leave him to his talents...

Marie had posted these..

I mean c'mon what better way to christen a new coffee maker w/ a fresh cuppa?On a grey cold day w/ flurries..
So good..and of course it takes longer to read instructions..than make  apple baked donuts..
and Marie said serve warm..so I put them aside once baked..

and when the machine came together and made  the coffee..

I tell you 10 secs  or less in the micro..they were warm..tender..wonderful..Betcha can't eat just one..:)

And ..well.. see for yourselves..

I didn't have shortening..I used Becel..and instead of 110 grams I used 120..
I did use real butter for the after baking coating..I needed less..I brushed it on..
You can have 2 bites at least!
You all know how I feel about Marie's recipes.:)
I caved in last yr and ordered a silicone donut pan from Ebay..this is the only recipe that worked in it..I did use an apple corer to remove the center..as my little center part on my mold seems too low..the donuts bake over..
all this to say I have tried baked donuts in it..they were awful.This is the first recipe that got me taste wise..but use the mini muffin tins..easier.

I loved the wedding on DA..but I never knew how much I missed Branson until his face lit up the whole screen.Joy.
Cora..yikes..not good..I know you apologized but geesh...
Perhaps Lady Mary will roll her eyes back less now..thank goodness she is being nice to Anna.

I agree w/ Mrs Hughes..

  She looked lovely!

My friend Susan at Savoring Time in the Kitchen..had her 3rd little grandson..his name is beautiful:"Bo"~
Bon Weekend~